Animation Film

We are a small group of 3D professionals doing animation and effects for the love of art...!

An animation and visual effects production studio that develops and produces content for the film, TV, and commercials.

With the industry's excellent talent, state of the art technology, and the broad range of services, BRAND IMAGE ANIMATIONS is an inspiring creative environment. It is our goal to produce highly cultural animation that is both successful in art form and commercial form. Furthermore, it is our aim to receive recognition from various film festivals and in the film market. And it is our ultimate goal to construct a firm base for future productions and establish our name value.

..animation is more than just making things look cute and cuddly!


Bringing your characters to life. From the character-rig setup to the final tweaked animation. Be it 2D or 3D, animation is our passion. It's in our blood! Heck, we'll 'just do it' even if it's bringing a stick figure to life!


The brain is where it all happens that leads to a 'concept'. It's the crux of the whole animation. Transferring it form the brain to the paper is what we do best. From visual story telling, environment designs to character concepts!


Transformers, Pirates of the Carribbean, Lord of the rings.. No. No we didn't get to do visual effects in these films :( BUT we can do some pretty decent within-your-budget 3D visual effects to spice up your overall visual content!


Welcome to the world of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. We are masters at it, and we mean it! From a simple movie title to a complete channel packaging set!


The final phase. Color grading, rotoscopy,
color correction.